Oh what I put you through

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Who the h*ck is going to the bway flea market

I don’t have anyone to go with this year

& if someone wants to help me find out how to volunteer for set-up or what have you I’d like to do that

#i would love 2 work the cindy booth

I’m just laughing out of stress relief my god so I screwed up on time management and so I woke up ate and went right to school, and sometime between my house and the bus stop, my metrocard disappeared

And yesterday, I put my metrocard back in my picked I really thought, but when I reached for it to get on the second bus, it wasn’t there so the train station was right there so I got a new card, but I had over FOURTY DOLLARS ON IT. I managed to not loose the card for a whole damn year and then I do this two days in a row.

I worked like a maniac for four hours and 20 minutes because my art history class was cancelled, get to class late, and she tells us the finals are due Tuesday, I thought they were due today thank GOODNESS BECAUSE MY DESIGNS SUCKED

The prof proceeds to critique our work for like 2 1/2 hours and then we went over inspirations books, so nobody who was supposed to give designer presentations (AKA ME) gave a presentation today thank u Holland hallelujah!!!

And now I’m gonna have math class for the second time bc my prof had been out this semester is a lot and so tough on me b/t having gone back and forth so much and meeting with the dean and getting recs and having SPEECH and giving a lot of presentations in other classes it’s a lot for me poor anxious self

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One day I’m gonna trip over a tree trunk running for the bus but today is not that day

#maybe i should run on the sidewalk to avoid navigating over things lolq #bustime just makes this all even grander like i look getting off of the first bus if the next is less than one stop away and it is and then you look over down the most dangerous street in queens and its like #there's the bus GO GO GO #and then u see people coming from different directions running like maniacs down the hill nature is amazing #post #personal

Horror story: no eating in class

#i normally eat in any class ever but it's really strict about not eating in the printmaking studio

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Who decides which bus stops are disorganized and which not like some people just stand wherever waiting for it and wherever the bus stops if it’s near you you get on before others, and others there’s a very systematic queue how does this happen and why can’t I always get on the bus first amen

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Why didn’t I see Signature’s Sunday in the Park why didn’t this happen I DUN GOOF’D

The pen I’ve been using is a College of Staten Island pen

1) where did it come from how did it end up in my house

#i didnt even know there was a cuny in SI before last month lol #post #personal


Tadashi Hamada (x)


Tadashi Hamada (x)

#Santino Fontana

Laura Osnes returns to 54 Below with a brand new show: “The Paths Not Taken”

Laura Osnes returns to 54 Below with a brand new show: “The Paths Not Taken”

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Wait so the performer I’ve seen most times is literally Laura Ir*on I’ve seen her in every single Cinderella performance that I’ve been to, the show, the tonys, Bryant park

Sant Simmersome of the Samsung Simmersome

Sant Simmersome of the Samsung Simmersome

#idk somewhere along the line i just stopped giving him ten thousand names every day and just started calling him santino #weird #it's ridiculous i've been constantly a fan of the dude for this long #like the only two others for this long have been kerry and sjb i think??? #i do hope it continues on #ilikebroadwaythings #reply



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sasha allen as the leading player

sasha allen as the leading player

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