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Patti LuPony as an understudy camel in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular

#goodnight that is all the patti lupone

Patti LuPony as lord farquaad’s horse

Patti LuPony as War horse

Patti LuPony as buttercup the horse in Cinderella

Patti LuPone as crutchie

Apparently I’m super unoriginal then


Patti Lupone as Mary Poppins.



patti lupone as Mary Poppins


(patti lupone as mary poppins)


Patti LuPone as the D’Ysquiths.

#last week i randomly thought 'patti lupone as mary poppins' and laughed out loud #theatre #solomon

Send me theatre opinions and I’ll tell you if I agree or disagree  

#do it

Anyone know of any regional theatre happening within this week or so near Orlando since I’m not going to you know what

South Carolina billboard: This is Mcdonalds’ country

#I QUIT THIS COUNTRY #earlier my dad was like why are there so many hamburger ads and i was like this is america #post #personal #leaky14

Incredible (at South of the Border)

Incredible (at South of the Border)

"My husband would say driving but I think speed limits are just a guideline."

- Lisa O’Hare, when asked what she’s really bad at doing (via sibellla)

#everyone these days has a lisa o thing... and im one of them #lisa o'hare